Jerry Carnes has worked as a television journalist for nearly thirty years. He has witnessed such devastating events as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the 1994 flooding of south Georgia that took more than two dozen lives, and too many Georgia tornados to count. Nothing has impacted his life more than the day he was diagnosed with cancer in August of 2008. Three months later Jerry underwent a radical prostatectomy. He has been cancer free ever since.

Unfortunately, Jerry’s father wasn’t that lucky. After a four year battle with prostate cancer, Jimmy Carnes died at the age of 76. Jerry lost his hero.

But Jerry hasn’t lost his purpose. He has worked diligently to educate as many people as possible about the risks of prostate cancer and the hope that comes with early detection.

This blog is dedicated to that effort and to the memory of Jimmy Carnes.


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  1. Your father was a big figure in my life. With his encouragement I became a member of the Druid Hills High School track team and was able to help win him a Georgia State Championship at Druid.hills the year after he had left to coach Florida.

    It was the final Championship of many he won at Druid Hills and Five of us won Gold in the field events to complement a third place in the mile, to just edge out Baket High School for the 1963 championship.

    It was wonderful to discover your blog on Facebook. It was great catching up on his very full life and I can pass along the details to my boys who are now out of college and beginning their lives. My very best to you and your family. You are terrific stewards of Coach Carnes’ life and memory.

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